266: Not Devoid of Personality

This episode of the WOTT Music show contains tons of great new tracks. An astonishing load if we’re being honest. So dive in for a multitude of eclectic sets of offerings, all from Nashville creators.

We always recommend you keep up each artist for more news and announcements directly from them. That said, go follow Revival Season, Slow Pass, Erin Rae, Bats, Christina Tripp, Jessica Breanne, Boo Syrup, Khari G, Petty, Bea Troxel, Connor Gilmore, The Mango Furs, Patzy and With Clouds in Mind.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

Revival Season
“Iron Warrior”

Slow Pass
“White Knuckles”

Erin Rae
“True Love’s Face”

“We All Miss Football Season”

Christina Tripp
“Push Pull Medicinal”

Jessica Breanne
“The Letter”

Boo Syrup
“B Town Baby”

Khari G

“Send One” (feat Mia Reona)

Bea Troxel
“Im Not Asleep”

Connor Gilmore
“Drinks @ Sharlenes (Demo Tape)”

The Mango Furs
“Shoes Untied”

“Tourist In Your Love”

With Clouds In Mind
“The Thorn of My Favorite Rose”

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