265: Italian Disco Classic Country

For this weeks episode, we switch things up a bit. We still serve up a load of wonderful local music across a variety of genres and styles but focus on the more dance-y, electronic, pop and unexpected offerings for a good portion of the show. There’s plenty of standard goodies peppered in as well but this is a special playlist, for sure.

We always recommend you keep up each artist for more news and announcements directly from them. That said, go follow Sparkle City Disco, Amanda Stone, Tan, Eve Maret, Karass, Seint Monet, Quez Cantrell, Zac Chase, Ahmadmusic, Rock Eupora, The Nobility, Creamer, Zwil AR, MOUTHO and Soft Sound Machine.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

Sparkle City Disco
“Shadow Lane”

Amanda Stone
“Candy Baby”

“Straight Tequila”

Moebius Strips
“Strip 31”


Seint Monet

Quez Cantrell

Zac Chase
“Well Wishes”

“Dinner Plate”

Rock Eupora

The Nobility
“Just Go”

“Peace & Understanding”

Zwil AR
“d Kuste”

“Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)”

Soft Sound Machine
“Sitting Still”

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