267: Something Beautiful and Compelling

Thinking about changing the name of this show to “wonderfully eclectic varietal offerings of Nashville local music.” It has a certain ring to it, huh? Naw, we’ll stick with We Own This Town: Music but that might become our unofficial tagline. It’s what we strive for every week.

We always recommend you keep up each artist for more news and announcements directly from them. That said, go follow Ornament, Future Crib, The Robe, BEZ, Cody Cody Cody, JustinLee, Mama Would Be Proud, The Loogies, L.Z.R., Kaitlyn Raitz, Kyle Cox, Kansas Bible Company, Scumcorpse, BendeZ and VOID CAT.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.


Future Crib
“Together Together”

The Robe
“Summer Secret”

“Ain’t Me”

“I Can Do Better”

Mama Would Be Proud
“Got In A Car”

The Loogies
“Hiding From the Big Monster In Your Laundry Cave.png”

“4 AM”

Kaitlyn Raitz
“Nature Nurture”

Kyle Cox
“Movin Right Along”

Kansas Bible Company

“Corpse Levitation”


Void Cat

We Own This Town: Music
We Own This Town: Music
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