252: A Lot of Everything and Everything Is Good

On last weeks episode we played a track from an artist we stumbled upon named St. Slug. Turns out, we stumbled on a Bandcamp Burner account and ended up with early access to a Scrap Skreezy album not quite ready for public consumption. As penance, we’ll be playing some Skreezy again this episode with proper attribution. We’ll also be playing fourteen other tracks that are also damn good. You will enjoy. It’s the We Own This Town Promise™.

We always recommend you keep up each artist for more news and announcements directly from them. So, follow Namir Blade & L’Orange, Scrap Skreezy, vast ness, Bantug, colehjackson & Taylor Matalon, Interest Relief, Vibeout, $avvy, AG Sully, Wilby, Tayls, Sara Bug, Jack Silverman, Kentucky Derby Con Man and Lawndry.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

Namir Blade & L’Orange
“Pipe Dream”

Scrap Skreezy

Vast Ness
“Golden Ness”

“High Worry”

Colehjackson & Taylor Matalon
“Dont Get Closer”

Interest Relief

“New Day”

“Cannot Do” (+Video)

AG Sully

“Translucent Beauty” (+Video)

“First Curse (I Can’t Hide)”

Sara Bug
“Back in Nashville”

Kentucky Derby Con Man

Jack Silverman

“Head Start”

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