251: Full on Squishy

Five sets of three songs from a wide variety of local musicians. We tried to segment things in a way so you get a themed set of songs followed by a set a little left of center; rinse and repeat. We get full on squishy at one point and manage to serve up a whiplash of genre hopping later on. Good stuff if we do say so ourselves.

We always recommend you keep up each artist for more news and announcements directly from them. So, follow Tristen, Sun Seeker, Dolour, Wallis Allen, Willie Dustice, Le F, Scrap Skreezy (St. Slug), Reaux Marquez, Legendary Nedge, Bled to Submission, Tommy Scifres, blaqspace_, SONATORE, ottobahn, BEDROOM.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

“Wrong With You”

Sun Seeker
“Gettin Tired”

“The Day Tom Petty Died”

Wallis Allen
“Gettin’ High”

Willie Dustice

Le F
“Handel, Suite no. 8 in F Minor: IV. Courante”

St Slug

Reaux Marquez
“Po Boy”

Legendary Nedge

Bled To Submission
“Bury Them In The Graves They Dug For You”

Tommy Scifres
“Whats At The Bottom of Your Heart”


“2:00 AM”



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