223: Prepare for Fascination

Heading into early November with an optimistic outlook. These tracks were primarily culled from WOTT Inbox submissions and Bandcamp Friday offerings but are only the tip of the iceberg for new music flowing out of Nashville and surrounding areas. As always, give this a listen and tap through on the links below to hear even more from every artist.

Check the playlist links below for more music and follow Creature Comfort, Ryan Sobb and the Dead Mall, $avvy, The Gripsweats, Jyou, Snooper, Sister Kit, Ornament, Negro Justice and Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears for updates direct from the artists.

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Creature Comfort
“Single Soul”

Ryan Sobb And The Dead Mall
“The Real John Law of the Valley “


The Gripsweats
“Ziggy’s Walk”

“ES Intro” / “Attack”

“Music for Spies”

Sister Kit


Negro Justice
“Fall Training”

Sean Thompson

Carrus And Kurtz

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music. Cover image: Jyou

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