224: I Did a Dumb Thing

For our episode this week on this show, I did a dumb thing. I put together a huge playlist. I just couldn’t help myself. When you’re staring at a bunch of songs and you’re asking yourself which to cut.. sometimes its just not a choice you want to make. So, why make it?

This week, we’ve got 15 songs. We’re playing them in sets of three and they all should work thematically together. They should.

Check the playlist links below for more music and follow Molly Parden, Eve Maret, Lackhoney, Tower Defense, The Brummies, Bloopr, B Stokes, BeHoward, Great Grand Sun, I Could Live in Hope, Palm Ghosts, Oral Sax, Brainweight and Joe Pisapia for updates direct from the artists.

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Molly Parden
“Who Are We Kiddin”

Eve Maret
“Do My Thing”

“All Gone”

Le Skunk

Tower Defense

The Brummies
“Fever Dream”

Bloopr And Kevatta

B Stokes
“My N*g”

“Morning Coffee”

Great Grand Sun
“Hung and Dried”

I Could Live In Hope
“Say You Will, Find a Way”

Palm Ghosts
“John Carpenter”

Oral Sax
“Set Phasers to Stoned”

“Grillin’ [2067 Coupe DeVille]”

Joe Pisapia
“Plant Medicine”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music. Cover image: B Stokes

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