222: The Delivery of Satisfaction

This episode is being released on Monday, Nov 2nd. That means tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd is ELECTION DAY. That means that if you haven’t voted yet, you *gotta* get out there and vote. We can not stress this enough. Vote Please.

This week we’re playing a bit of catch up. We had our Halloween special last week and that means there’s a bit of a backlog to push through because the releases are coming hot and heavy. We couldn’t fit in HALF of the tracks we wanted to play and we *still* have 13 tracks queued up for you.

Check the playlist links below for more music and follow Joe Zempel, Vera Bloom, Mount Olympic, The Watchman & thaPoet, Daisha McBride, Ron Obasi, Tape Space, Z. Swann, tmj, Brian Elliot, Miki Fiki, Rainsticks and Kyle Hamlett Uno & Rodrigo for updates direct from the artists.

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Joe Zempel
“All Will Be Calm”


Mount Olympic
“Surf City Landlocked”

Tha Watchman And Tha Poet
“Notes From Native Sons”

Daisha McBride
“Black Queen”

Ron Obasi
“Eastside Marauders (with Brian Brown & Chuck Indigo)”

Tape Space

Z Swann


Brian Elliot
“Blue Jean Girl”

Miki Fiki
“Be With Me”

“Shiny Moons”

Kyle Hamlett Uno And Rodrigo
“The Ax”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music. Cover image: The Watchman & thaPoet

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