214: In Praise of Bandcamp

After a brief pounding of the pulpit in praise of Bandcamp, we dive into a massive playlist of new local music. Some might even say a little too much music but when there’s this much to share, why wait to share it?

Be sure to click through on the releases below for more music and follow The Blam Blams, Thunder Lily, Tedadore, Gretchen’s Wheel, Safety Net, Creature Comfort, Soup Ops, Kent Osborne, Gee Slab, Lackhoney, Jota Ese, Nordista Freeze & And the Boys, Zephaniah Bostow, Oginalii, Threnodian, Hurts to Laugh, William Tyler, Deep Party, John Thayer & Michael Hix for updates direct from the artists.

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The Blam Blams

Thunder Lily
“Sex Is Laughter”


Gretchen’s Wheel
“You Should Know”

Safety Net
“Johnny Wholesome”

Creature Comfort
“Single Soul”

Sour Ops
“I’m an Animal Too”

Kent Osborne
“No Detection”

John The Shaman
“Whatever Will Be, Will Be”

Gee Slab
“On Me”


Jota Ese
“My Journey to 4am”

Nordista Freeze
“The Moment (With You)”

Zephaniah Bostow
“Long Procession”


“Titan Arum”

Hurts To Laugh
“Nobody in this World”

William Tyler
“Four Corners”

Deep Party
“She Is Beside You (feat. Ruby Amanfu)”

John Thayer and Michael Hix
“Semblance II”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Oginalii.

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