212: The Tip of a Much Larger Iceberg

A bit of a hybrid this week between the last few long form episodes and the WOTT Classic™ format. This week we’ve got 13 songs for 45-minutes of music and a delightful plethora of genres. No matter how it’s presented, Nashville Music is a damn delight.

I mentioned it several times in the episode (and throughout the series) but, please, use the links below to hear more music from these artists where available. As the title says, this is just the tip of the iceberg for a lot of great music.

Be sure to click through on the releases below for more music and follow Bully, sallow, Rashad Sylvester, BnQuez the Artist, B. Stokes, BEZ, Ray Gun, Turko, Super Brava, Thad Kopec, Smart Objects, Quichenight and Joe Zempel for updates directly from the artists.

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“Where to Start”


Rashad Sylvester
“Let It Play”

BnQuez The Artist
“She Aint Playing”

B Stokes
“I’m Straight”

“The House Always Wins”

Ray Gun

“Talk with Ease”

Super Brava

Thad Kopec

Smart Objects
“Raven in a Crow’s Nest (Flummox)”

“Tesago Part One”

Joe Zempel
“And Soon, We Part Ways”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Rashad Sylvester.

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