211: A Rabidly Active Scene

We had such blast last week putting together a big massive playlist that we thought we’d just do it again! Here’s another sixteen tracks of local music across a wide range of genres; just like a proper radio show.

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Savoy Motel
“Crossword Puzzle”

The Blam Blams
“Arc Light City”

Jordan Lehning
“The Quarry Song”

Emma Swift
“You’re a Big Girl Now”

The Guac Mamas
“Anton Lavey”

“Mental Vacation”


Uncle Knuckle (Sundaes Remix)
“Making a Living”

Fu Stan


Bamboon Sauve

Vast Ness
“chronography #4”

Doug Lehmann

Jaguar Gold
“Poison in the Water”


William Tyler
“A Closing”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Savoy Motel.

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