183: Funky Goodtimes at a Coffee Shop

A gentle reminder that Spewfest V Feb 8th, 2020! There will be some fourty-six bands between multiple stages across The East Room and The Cobra. Tickets are on sale now.

Another week of eclectic music offerings and this one goes some places. Thanks to the ever impressive Nashville music scene we are able to shift between the likes of infectious hard rock from The By Gods, languid pop from Evan P Donohue, funky goodtimes by Jonie, bedroom musings via Iven, indescribable country courtesy of Dale Hollow, ethereal tales by Signal In, fuzzy pop from Waterfall Wash and bombastic energy from Datenight. As usual, click through on the art below to hear more from every artist.

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The By Gods
“Try So Hard”

Evan P Donohue
“High in the Country”


“On This Roof”

Dale Hollow

Signal In
“Never Far”

Waterfall Wash

“On TV”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Dale Hollow.

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