182: Foolish Assumptions and Bombastic Rewards

A gentle reminder that Spewfest V is right around the corner. On Feb 8th, 2020 there will be some fourty-four bands between multiple stages between The East Room and The Cobra. Tickets are on sale now.

After a quick rundown of notable news about some other WOTT podcasts, we dive headfirst into new music from Grumpy, The Rally Club, Carolyn Kendrick, Shell of a Shell, Donors, Tom Violence, Thad Kopec and Music Band. It’s 40 minutes of a great dose of eclectic music offerings from our city.

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“Davy Jones”

The Rally Club
“No Room”

Carolyn Kendrick
“Tear Things Apart”

Shell Of A Shell

“Help Yourself”

Tom Violence
“The Beggar”

Thad Kopec
“Nature of Belonging”

Music Band

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Donors.

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