184: Delightful Ignorance with Saxophone and Keyboards

Recorded on a sleepy Sunday afternoon, this episode manages to run the gamut of diverse sounds that we strive for every time we sit down to compile a playlist.

We implore you to listen to more from each and every one of these releases, as this is meant to serve as a jumping off point for further enjoyment. Many thanks to Palm Ghosts, Kings of the Fucking Sea, Find a Hobby, Richard String, Brian Brown, And the Boys, Thunder Lily and Ray Gun for making Nashville more than what the outside world perceives it as.

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Palm Ghosts
“Kill the Buzz”

Kings Of The Fucking Sea
“Death Dealer”

Find A Hobby
“Nowhere all the Time”

Richard String

Brian Brown

And The Boys
“All my Troubles”

Thunder Lily
“Don’t Stop the Beat”

Ray Gun

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Kings of the Fucking Sea by Joseph Fletcher.

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