163: Imminent Repetition

This episode we do something daringly different – we stay the course of the previous episodes. That’s right, another straightahead episode of great new local music. Why fix what, clearly, isn’t broken?

Per usual, we cover a solid bit of ground in the genre department with offerings from Wildfront, Smart Object, Robyn Hitchcock & Andy Partridge, Teddy & The Rough Riders, Will Gant, Heinous Orca and Lawndry.

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Wildfront – “Bloom”

Smart Objects – “Die Tonight”

Nosediver – “Gloss”

Robyn Hitchcock And Andy Partridge – “Turn Me on, Deadman”

Teddy And The Rough Riders – “American Express”

Will Gant – “You Gotta Sink to Learn how to Swim”

Heinous Orca – “Jared”

Lawndry – “More-Than-Any-Other”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Heinous Orca.

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