Nosediver – “Gloss” (Official Video)

Nosediver is set to release a new EP with Cold Lunch Recordings on October 18th, 2019. The first preview of that release is contained within this jazzy new premiere for “Gloss.”

The video, directed by bassist Josh Whiteman, was shot entirely on hi-8 and mini DV tapes to keep that VHS look intact and authentic. The choreographed jazzercise performed by “Gloss Girls” Bliss, Tina, Jistile, Vernessa and Crimp is peppered with moments of clever editing and perfect absurdity (the jumprope moment should not be missed). Of course, the dichotomy of a slick 80’s workout paired with some math-rock is the greatest gift of all.

That label, “math rock”, is a tricky one as it tends to function as a broad stylistic term for an execution that can contain a lot of nuance. In this context, bands like No Knife and Faraquet serve as analogous endeavors – upbeat and gripping tempos, angular guitars and plenty of interesting drums but not for a lack of melody and lyrical introspection. The bands previous release, Floating Item, fit this bill perfectly and from the sounds of “Gloss,” the next release will too. Can’t wait.