Peter – “Pyramids // Before Space”

Last we heard from the impossible-to-Google Peter, he had just released the EP Bad Jazz, Vol 1, a transcendental collection of songs with both feet firmly planted in looping soundscapes and up-front tribal percussion.

Now he’s returned with a pair of singles – “Pyramids // Before Space” – that continue that exploration but with a bit more subtle edge. Peter himself says that these tracks “lean heavily into that Lee Hazlewood, space-y cowboy type thing in a way. In fact, I was hoping to make country songs when I made these, but you know how it goes.” No one ever said that a source of inspiration needs to result in a thing that resembles where it came from. Inspiration is but a path to follow.

“Pyramids” focuses on utilizing the looping percussion style present on the previous EP, coupled with droning verses; presumably meant to transfix the listener. “Before Space” finds Peter expertly layering loads of instrumentation in a way not present on prior songs; nuanced keyboard blips swimming along with a saxophone as he laments the size of the Universe.

Lee Hazlewood this is not but it’s still a fascinating listen from an artist continuing to create incredibly unique compositions.