160: Huger than Huge, An Instrumental Special

For Volume 160, we compile a special playlist of local music comprised entirely of instrumental music. Much like the entirety of the Nashville Music Scene, these tracks are not singular in their genre or style, they span a very wide range. Just because there’s no vocals doesn’t mean you won’t be completely entertained. You’re gonna love it, promise.

See the tracklisting below for specifics on hearing the full releases from which these songs were drawn, including works by Makeup and Vanity Set, Woodsplitter, Robots Against Children, Rich Ruth, flwr grl, Adrienne Franke, Oral Sax and VH1 CLASSIC.

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Makeup And Vanity Set – “Hwy 202, Treetrunk Love”

Woodsplitter – “Cake of Ash”

Robots Against Children – “Chuck Woolery”

Rich Ruth – “Coming Down”

Flwr Grl – “Sword”

Adrienne Franke – “Missing (I Believe That I Can Save Her)”

Oral Sax – “Marie 2”


“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Rich Ruth.

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