161: Defying Articulation

This episode we continue down the well-tred path of enjoying a bunch of local music that spans a diverse set of genres. It’s kind of our bread and butter and what keeps us going. This episode contains a number of tracks that defy articulation; they’re good for reasons beyond language. Maybe that’s overselling it a bit but they hit a special place in our hearts that we dare not try to name.

We hear from Z. Swann, Gary Wilson & R. Stevie Moore, BEDROOM, Olivia Jean, Local Cult, Faux Ferocious, Soft Bodies and Ziona Riley. Many thanks to each of them for keeping the musical diversity in Nashville strong.

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Z Swann – “FOMO”

Gary Wilson And R Stevie Moore – “Let’s Take a Ride into Outer Space”

Bedroom – “Two”

Olivia Jean – “Jaan Pehechaan Ho”

Local Cult – “Gloom Land”

Faux Ferocious – “Good Times Ahead”

Soft Bodies – “Round & Round”

Ziona Riley – “Bury This Heirloom”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Ziona Riley.

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