150: Kent Osborne

After Lance Conzett came on to share his Nashville hip-hop playlist on Volume 145, I got a message from Kent Osborne offering to shed more insight on the scene through his own experiences.

From stand-up bass to School of Rock to Electro-Punk-Rock to Aggressively Informed Hip-Hop, Kent has a lifelong history with music and progressed a helluva lot in his short tenure in Nashville after moving from Atlanta. We sit down and talk about his history, his writing process, marketing singles and, most importantly, the experiences of being a person of color in the South.

Many thanks to Kent for sharing his insights, his story and reminding us that fixing racism in America requires awareness and the strength to call it out when you see it.

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Kent Osborne – “Kick Rocks”

Thank You Please – “Ego Machines”

Kent Osborne – “Gassed Up”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Kent Osborne.

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