145: Nashville Hip-Hop with Lance Conzett

Music journalist, photographer, Nashville native and WOTT Music Favorite Lance Conzett returns for another insightfully educational episode geared almost entirely around hip-hop. In general, this show tends to lack in coverage for that particular scenes (along with rap and R&B as well) but not for lack of wanting; it’s just the result of looking in the wrong place.

Lance brings in eight songs to discuss both the hardships and liberation of creating rap in a city without a definitive identity. Bonus, he pleads with the audience to help cite a sample he can’t quite place.

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Brian Brown – “Newports”

Kent Osborne – “Twisted Jungle”

Trapperman Dale – “For the High”

Kaby – “What It Do”

Houston Kendrick – “LiNES”

Jon Santana – “Blue 42”

Diatom Deli – “Down”

Soy Milk Boy – “Wheres the Leak Maam”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Brian Brown.

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