146: The Mesmerizing Zone

Many thanks to Lance Conzett for driving the playlist of hip-hop selections on the last episode. This time around, we return to a varietal offering of great local selections from a range of genres; our bread and butter.

We dive into some phenomenal pop with an 80’s bend from Fluorescent Half Dome, new mesmerizing work from Local Cult and Volunteer Department, catchy straight ahead rock from New Threads, quality Nashville Pop Bantug and a return from hibernation courtesy of Bedroom.

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Fluorescent Half Dome – “Echolalia / Summer Blessing”

Local Cult – “Yr Ego”

Volunteer Department – “Gum too Hard”

New Threads – “Clean”

Bantug – “Shapes”

Bedroom – “Count to Five”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Fluorescent Half Dome.

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