139: The Chef’s Kiss

Another healthy mix of new Nashville music spanning a grab bag of genres. We got some hard rock from Sad Baxter and Hurts to Laugh, shoegazing dreampop from Bleary, ambient pop from Dream Chambers, intricate pop from Zephaniah Bostow, dark kraut vibes from Faux Ferocious and what I’m calling “Punk Rock Bruce Springsteen” from Country Westerns. Putting these episodes together gets easier and easier as our scene grows and expands. Dive in and enjoy.

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Hurts To Laugh – “The Lonely Sound”

Bleary – “Sour”

Sad Baxter – “The Atmos”

Country Westerns – “I’m Not Ready”

Zephaniah Bostow – “Head Full of Steam”

Dream Chambers – “Gravity”

Faux Ferocious – “Feeding Frenzy”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Dream Chambers

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