140: Record Store Day 2019

Today is the 2019 iteration of Record Store Day, a time to pick up exclusive vinyl releases from stores all across the country. More importantly, it’s an excuse to go visit your local record shop that you’ve been neglecting and get some free drinks, discounts, and see some live music. Nashville RSD is something legitimately special and should not be overlooked for the gem that it is.

This episode we cover some of the events you can see today and a few of the bands playing at them. Don’t waste this opportunity, get out there.

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Alanna Royale – “I Know”

Ethan Kyle – “Autopilot”

Blank Range – “Change Your Look”

Erin Rae – “Like The First Time”

The Shitdels – “Baghwan Bop”

Ornament – “New Coat”

Hari The Band – “Blank World”

Peachy – “Kitchner 1 (Wake Up)”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

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