138: The Inner Idiot

Another startling round of diverse Nashville music coming your way. We’ve got drugged out pop sounds from Robin Taylor Zander, warbly electronic instrumentals from Oral Sax and big psych rock sounds from Oginalli as well as nuanced goodness from Kyle Hamlett Uno, delicate works from German Error Message and dream pop from Twen. It’s a diverse bag and we’re proud it’s all from Nashville.

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Robin Taylor Zander – “Ize on the Prize”

Kyle Hamlett Uno – “Foxhall”

German Error Message – “Saltless”

Twen – “Waste”

Oral Sax – “Moon People”

Oginalii – “Light as a Feather”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Oginalli

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