Negroni Redux!

To celebrate Negroni Week 2021, we’re going back in the archives to our Negroni episode from 2020 in which we break down what makes this drink so enduring. Before that, Mike brings in Jonathan Howard from the Continental to discuss his “Negroni Experience,” debuting today at the side bar at the Continental. Jonathan will be serving up variations on Negroni’s, including one that has been aged inside of a coconut.

Mike is then joined by Kenneth Dedmon to discuss the many components in Campari (including what may be the key secret ingredient) and why a simple drink ends up being so complex. Pour yourself a Negroni and dive in with us. Season 4 premiere and “Books and Booze,” will debut soon!

Original episode description:

For a very special episode 50 (!) hosts Mike and Kenneth cover one of their favorite drinks, the Negroni. They go over the history of the drink, the fascinating rise of apertivo culture in America, as well as a few of the secret ingredients that make Campari so special. They also discuss a few recipes and how using salt in cocktails at home can transform your drinks. Other topics explored: was Count Negroni cool? Is Campari and soda the drink of futurism? Is there a cricket in the room? An enjoyable cap to Negroni Week indeed!

Music by Upright T-Rex Music.
Logo by Jess Machen

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