Shots! The Honey Deuce and The Paloma

A double shots edition for the season 3 finale! To close out the “Summer of Shots,” Mike is joined by cocktail correspondent Jessica Backhus to discuss two extremely drinkable summer drinks: the Honey Deuce and the Paloma. They celebrate the Honey Deuce’s 15th anniversary and discuss the cocktail’s origins as the official drink of the U.S. Open, which is currently underway. Find out what those little melon balls are all about. Then they take a trip down to Mexico and cover all things Paloma. What does a knife have to do with the secret to a great Paloma? What two citrus fruits were combined to birth the grapefruit? Is this the most drinkable cocktail ever created? Find out all the answers and plenty of recipes!

Coming soon: Season 4, “Books and Booze” galore as we talk to some of our favorite authors about writing, drinking, and why the two seem to go together.”

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