Your Halloween Soundtracks Are Here

For many, when the calendar switches over to October 1st the countdown clock begins for the festive night of Halloween. Others may not anticipate the big event with bated breath but there’s certainly a contingent that simply can’t wait for ghoulish festivities. We count ourselves among those that look forward to the devilish merriment, the snacks and turning an eye towards the creepier side of music.

On that last note, we’ve spent the last few years making sure to dedicate at least one episode of We Own This Town: Music as a soundtrack to your Halloween activities. This years compilation, Spooky, Scary & Ghoulish Delights, is now available wherever you like to stream podcasts.

You can refer to the episode notes for more from each artist; it’s a conduit for maximizing your library of Halloween music made by Nashvillians.

The fun doesn’t stop there because we’ve been doing this for years! After you’re done listening to the latest edition, dive into the archives linked below for even more terrifying treasures.

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