Voted Best Podcast Network

In the Nashville Scene “Best of Nashville 2019” issue, We Own This Town was awarded the Critic’s Pick of Best Podcast Network. We even got a few of our hosts together in one room to take a snazzy photo together. It goes without saying but we’re shocked, flattered and quite proud of the accolade. Many thanks to the Scene (and Lance Conzett) for the writeup.

I, Michael Eades, truly believe all of our shows are worth a listen. Obviously I’m biased but if you haven’t given a listen to Bandsplainer, Fan/Fiction, Filmography Club, Hott Minute, Ladyland, Liquid Gold, My Fantasy Funeral, Nashville Demystified, San Dimas Today, Thick as Thieves, This Is The Place or Vidalotry yet, please do so.

None of this podcasting would be worthwhile if it weren’t for people actually listening to the shows. So, from everyone here on the network – Thank YOU to anyone that tuned in, subscribed, liked, commented, retweeted or just generally interacted within our atmosphere. We are extremely grateful and certainly plan to keep you entertained moving forward.