Keep your Holiday soundtrack local

We’re just a few days away from Christmas proper. This likely means it’s time for you to wrap some presents, prepare a feast of some sort and, ideally, provide yourself with a bit of a holiday soundtrack for all your activities. WOTT recently launched it’s 2020 Holiday Extravaganza Special featuring an hour of local artists crafting wonderful covers and original tunes for your aural holiday needs.

If an hour of locally fueled holiday music is not quite enough for you, don’t worry! There’s a whole lot more worthwhile local holiday music where that came from. Below you’ll find a veritable sack full of goodies for your ears, just click play and enjoy.

First up, dive right in to the WOTT Music archive of Christmas episodes. We’ve been doing this for years!

2020: Volume 229

2019: Volume 175

2018: Volume 123

2015: Volume 72

2012: Volume 58

As with every episode of WOTT Music episode, each of those transmissions contain links out to full albums and compilations of even more music. Somehow, if that’s still not enough (and with holiday music, is it ever enough?) be sure to enjoy these fine selections as well!

To-Go Records Holiday Comp – we did a full writeup on this one but this one is so good, it’s worth repeating. Tracks from Heaven Honey, Teddy & The Rough Riders, Peachy, Donors and many more are available here. Proceeds go towards some wonderful organizations. That’s a double treat!

Petty – A Christmas Album – while this album is already featured heavily in the latest 2020 WOTT Music episode, I really can’t stress enough how great of an album this is top to bottom. It’s got all the charms of an energized hip-hop album but much of it, thematically, serves as a lament for a broken relationship and leveraging Christmas to heal those wounds. Just try and listen to “Not the Same Ole Christmas” and deny its charms. You can not.

Joseph Bradshaw – XMAS – back in 2017, Bradshaw released a delightful diddy with Nikki Lane called “Wait `Till After Christmas” and now he’s back with three new Christmas tracks continuing his delightful deluge.

Rock Eupora – “We Need a Merry Christmas” – back in July, Rock Eupora released two new rock singles and has now bestowed us with a gentle Christmas original yearning for a Merry Christmas. The sentiment is very, very, true.

Bloopr – Evergreen [Mini-Tape] – You don’t hear nearly enough holiday themed instrumental hip-hop tapes this time of year. Even without lyrics or a single sleigh bell, Bloopr manages to give an easy breezy Christmas vibe and mix it with some head-bobbing beats.

That’s nowhere close to an exhaustive list of available local holiday tunes but it’s a helluva start. If you want to continue your deep dive, I suggest listening to Moral Support, A Very Wick-It Christmas, Vol 1, Gummy Soul Christmas, Liz Longley, the 2018 Youth Empowerment for Arts & Humanity Holiday Mixtape, the 2017 Charity Compilation, Joe Pisapia’s Cosmic Christmas, G.E.D. Super Soul Records Soul Christmas compilation, multiple volumes of Sons of Old Town Xmas Extravaganza and, of course, David Argyle Thacker’s Mouth Trumpet Christmas Album. Oh, and Birdcloud’s “Cool Christmas” may actually be the most rewardingly maniacal local Christmas there is, period.

Have a great, safe, holiday and be sure to keep your soundtrack local. There’s no reason not to.

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