Introducing Bandsplainer

We’re overjoyed to announce a brand new show joining the We Own This Town network of podcasts. Please meet Bandsplainer, a podcast from Olivia Ladd where your favorite bands are discussed and dissected in great detail with local Nashville artists and creators.

The concept is simple:

Host Olivia Ladd sits down with Nashville musicians, artists, scenesters and friends to talk about the history behind our favorite cult bands.

The result of those conversations is a deep dive into artists like DEVO or Black Flag both in terms of their history but also in terms of their short term and long term influences on artists today.

Olivia’s efforts with Bandsplainer have been underway for the past few months completely on her own (she’s a fully vetted producer at WSM and freelance writer and photographer for lots of local publications). The existing efforts promote local artists in both educational and informative ways. All and all, she’s exactly the kind of creator that We Own This Town aims to join forces with and we’re humbled that she has come aboard.

All previous and new episodes are now available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or anywhere you like to hear podcasts.

Official Site:
Twitter: @bandsplainer

Olivia Instagram: @oliviaslatonladd
Olivia Twitter: @vitamincbycan