Serbian Mixtape Art Show & Grand Palace Review

There are two extremely promising art exhibitions happening this weekend that need to be taken note of. Let’s discuss…

First up, Zeitgeist over in Wedgewood-Houston is holding the opening ceremonies for an exhibition entitled Mixtape. The installation features photography work from Vesna Pavlovic taken in Serbia during the 1990’s and bends that around the notion of an actual mixtape. Not a Spotify playlist or an iTunes gathering of songs but a physical cassette tape of songs. To really sell the idea she has compiled a mixtape of Serbian songs and had a host of local bands record original covers of them. Those bands include Lylas, Lambda Celsius, The Mute Group, Patrick Damphier, The Robe, Sehr Modern, The Altered Statesman, The Styrofoam Winos, Sugar Sk*_*lls, Country Music and Dubmsigns.

The TLDR of the above paragraph – there’s an art show at Zeitgeist that features a mixtape of Serbian covers from a lot of extremely talented local musicians. Show opens Saturday, Sept 8th, 2018. Do not miss it.

While you’re out and about art crawling, be sure to drop by The Gallery at Fort Houston, featuring an exhibition of works from Grand Palace entitled Screenprinting: It’s As Easy as Ctrl+P. The installation will feature works created under the moniker Grand Palace as well as works created by individual employees of the company.

If you’re not familiar with Grand Palace, come out to the show and marvel at the intricate detail they’re able to squeeze into a print. They’re a talented and innovative group of folks doing a lot of good for the Nashville music scene that just happen to also make a lot of visually pleasing prints.