Hott Minute, now with video

When we started planning Season 2 of Hott Minute we knew we wanted to step things up a notch. Hosts Ashley Spurgeon and Jamie Bradley mapped out a number of great topics and guests to bring along for the forthcoming season but there still felt like there could be a little something more. So, we decided collectively to bite the bullet and join the craze of livestreaming.

As a test, we filmed the first episode of Season 2 and quietly streamed it out on YouTube to anyone curious to watch. The results are results of that are every bit as amusing as the audio only podcast but with the added jolt of watching Ashley and Jamie gush about their crushes.

As we move into new episodes of the show, we hope to keep streaming in this format and making it more publicly known each time they go out. So, head over to the We Own This Town YouTube channel click that Subscribe button to get notified of all the new episodes (and maybe even partake in audio from all of the other shows on the network – Bonus!).