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Odessa Kelly

This week Kim chats with Odessa Kelly, Executive Director of Stand Up Nashville, organizer, activist, and candidate for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District.

Dawn Little

This week Kim chats with Dawn Little, elementary school teacher in Los Angeles, California, Law and Order superfan, and Kim’s oldest friend.

Gillian St. Clair & Allie King

This week Kim chats with sisters Gillian St. Clair and Allie King of Steadfast & True Yoga. Gillian is the owner and beloved leader. Allie is the studio manager and director of programming.

Joy the Baker

This week Kim chats with Joy the Baker, professional baker, food photographer, cookbook author, blogger, donut enthusiast, and creator of Drake on Cake.

Kira Austin-Young

This week Kim chats with Kira Austin-Young, Episcopal priest, hospital chaplain, writer, and self-professed memento mori stan.

Samantha Irby

This week Kim chats with Samantha Irby, NYT bestselling author, television writer, blogger, and Judge Mathis enthusiast. Her most recent book, Wow, No Thank You, is available now.

Melanie Bull

This week Kim chats with Melanie Bull, contract lobbyist, policy professional, and aspiring Jeopardy contestant.

Listener Q&A

This week Kim answers your burning questions about Ladyland, alongside Mary Katherine Rooker and Michael Eades.

Freya West

This week Kim chats with Freya West, burlesque performer, producer of the Nashville Burlesque Festival, and #1 champion of teaching and encouraging women to love their bodies, embrace their sexuality, and move confidently.

Kristin Luna

This week Kim chats with Kristin Luna, a woman with many titles: journalist, photographer, blogger, digital marketer, entrepreneur, and ambassador for public art (specifically, murals).

Tisha Wilson

This week Kim chats with Tisha Wilson, health care administrator by day, twerk instructor by night. A manifestor, a hustler, and a beast.