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Joy the Baker

This week Kim chats with Joy the Baker, professional baker, food photographer, cookbook author, blogger, donut enthusiast, and creator of Drake on Cake.

Kira Austin-Young

This week Kim chats with Kira Austin-Young, Episcopal priest, hospital chaplain, writer, and self-professed memento mori stan.

Samantha Irby

This week Kim chats with Samantha Irby, NYT bestselling author, television writer, blogger, and Judge Mathis enthusiast. Her most recent book, Wow, No Thank You, is available now.

Melanie Bull

This week Kim chats with Melanie Bull, contract lobbyist, policy professional, and aspiring Jeopardy contestant.

Listener Q&A

This week Kim answers your burning questions about Ladyland, alongside Mary Katherine Rooker and Michael Eades.

Freya West

This week Kim chats with Freya West, burlesque performer, producer of the Nashville Burlesque Festival, and #1 champion of teaching and encouraging women to love their bodies, embrace their sexuality, and move confidently.

Kristin Luna

This week Kim chats with Kristin Luna, a woman with many titles: journalist, photographer, blogger, digital marketer, entrepreneur, and ambassador for public art (specifically, murals).

Tisha Wilson

This week Kim chats with Tisha Wilson, health care administrator by day, twerk instructor by night. A manifestor, a hustler, and a beast.

Marne McLyman

This week Kim chats with Marne McLyman, artist manager at Maverick, tour manager for Reba McEntire and Brooks & Dunn, and five-time Ironman finisher.

Mary Laura Philpott

This week Kim chats with Mary Laura Philpott, author of I Miss You When I Blink, host of A Word on Words, and “book enthusiast at large” for Parnassus Books.

Introducing Ladyland

Join Kim Baldwin as she interviews women from all walks of life and different backgrounds. Funny at times, serious at times but always honest. This is Ladyland.

Noods Actually

This week we talk about comfort movies, why Louisa is scared of Home Alone, and our favorite holiday traditions. If your boss catches you listening to us at work, say it’s carol singers. But for now, let us say, without hope or agenda, just because it’s Christmas – (and at Christmas you tell the truth) – noodists, to us, you are perfect. Join us, won’t you?