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Natalie Lima

This week Kim chats with Natalie Lima, a Cuban-Puerto Rican writer, a graduate of the MFA program in creative nonfiction at the University of Arizona, and dog mom to Toni.

Gena Johnson

This week Kim chats with Gena Johnson, producer, recording engineer, and mixing engineer. Gena is the first woman nominated for the Academy of Country Music’s Audio Engineer of the Year award.

Ciona Rouse

This week Kim chats with Ciona Rouse, poet, author, editor, and chapbook champion. She is co-curating Kara Walker: Cut to the Quick at the Frist Art Museum July 23 – October 10, 2021.

Dear Ladyland

In the spirit of Dear Abby, this week Kim asked Joy the Baker, Sheena Steward, Sarah Hays Coomer, and Freya West to answer your burning questions about life, love, and work.

Betsy Phillips

This week Kim chats with Betsy Phillips, author, Nashville Scene contributor, 2019 Nashville Scene Best Historian, and afghan enthusiast. Her book Dynamite Nashville is forthcoming from Third Man Books.

Destiny O. Birdsong

This week Kim chats with Destiny O. Birdsong, poet, fiction writer, essayist, and Johnny Gill enthusiast. Her debut poetry collection, Negotiations, is available now.

Odessa Kelly

This week Kim chats with Odessa Kelly, Executive Director of Stand Up Nashville, organizer, activist, and candidate for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District.

Sheena Steward

This week Kim chats with Sheena Steward, blogger, truth teller, and self-professed Queen of Vulnerability.

Dawn Little

This week Kim chats with Dawn Little, elementary school teacher in Los Angeles, California, Law and Order superfan, and Kim’s oldest friend.

Gillian St. Clair & Allie King

This week Kim chats with sisters Gillian St. Clair and Allie King of Steadfast & True Yoga. Gillian is the owner and beloved leader. Allie is the studio manager and director of programming.

Joy the Baker

This week Kim chats with Joy the Baker, professional baker, food photographer, cookbook author, blogger, donut enthusiast, and creator of Drake on Cake.