Dawn Little

In this episode, Kim Baldwin sits down with Dawn Little, General Education and Special Education teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Dawn specializes in Project Based Learning, STEAM, Learning Technologies, and Inclusion instruction. She has a MA in Elementary Education, M.Ed in English Language Acquisition, and MA in Learning Technologies. Dawn is working on National Board Certification and is a member of ISTE and CUE. She also lived in Japan for seven years working as an ESL teacher and has a strong grasp of conversational Japanese. Kim and Dawn met in middle school and went on to become best friends, roommates, and a constant in each other’s lives for going on 32 years now.

Join us for a serious conversation about misconceptions about teachers and why they strike, and a less serious conversation about dog-stalking as a midlife crisis.

Are you interested in learning more about the students Dawn teaches? Here are some nonprofits that she’d like to highlight:
Research Austism
Autism Society
Exploring Tech: TXT
Girls Who Code
Inner City Arts

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