Gillian St. Clair & Allie King

In this episode, Kim Baldwin sits down with sisters Gillian St. Clair and Allie King. Gillian is the owner of Steadfast & True Yoga. Gillian opened Steadfast in 2010 as a way to create an extended family and a studio that holds tightly to the values of right action and less distraction. Allie is the manager who makes sure everything flows on and off the mat. Allie manages both locations, as well as the staff and the yoga teacher training program. Both sisters are yoga instructors, as well as wives and mothers.

Join us for a conversation about what’s it like to work with your sister, opening a business in 2020 versus 2010, making yoga more inclusive, and why Gillian tells students not to follow her on Instagram.

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Music by You Drive.
Logo by Elizabeth Williams. Gillian and Allie photos by Mandy Reid.

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