Odessa Kelly

In the first episode of Season Three, Kim Baldwin chats with Odessa Kelly, co-founder and Executive Director of Stand Up Nashville, a non-profit community organization that fights for working families. A Nashville native, Odessa is a graduate of Stratford High School, Tennessee State University (BA) and Cumberland University (MPS). Prior to co-founding Stand Up Nashville, she worked as a civil servant for Metro Parks & Recreation for 14 years, leading at Napier Community Center. Most recently, Odessa is the first person recruited by Justice Democrats for the 2022 Congressional election cycle.

Join us for a conversation about the “stranger danger” of Amazon, fighting to ensure Metro government looks like the people it represents, and the pivotal moment Nashville began to lose its soul.

Find Odessa on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and at odessaforcongress.com. Find Stand Up Nashville on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and at standupnashville.org. Sign up for their newsletter at standupnashville.org/mailer-signup.

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