Ciona Rouse

In this episode, Kim Baldwin sits down with Ciona Rouse, poet and author of the chapbook Vantablack (Third Man Books, 2017). Her poetry has appeared in Oxford American, NPR Music, The Account, Talking River, Gabby Journal, and other publications. She is poetry editor of Wordpeace. Along with poet Kendra DeColo, she hosts the literary podcast Re\VERB. Ciona is co-curating Kara Walker: Cut to the Quick at the Frist Art Museum July 23 – October 10, 2021. In addition to her curatorial responsibilities, she will compose original poems inspired by Walker’s works.

Join us for a conversation about why we should all be buying more chapbooks, learning how to say no, and watching tiny dinosaurs roam in our yards.

Find Ciona on Twitter, Instagram and at Take a class with Ciona here. Learn more about The Porch writing classes here. Find out more about Kara Walker: Cut to the Quick here.

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