Louis Prince – “The Number Thirteen”

With hindsight, March of 2020 was probably one of the worst times to release a record in recent memory; especially as a Nashville musician. Not only was the whole planet grappling with the notion of a new novel coronavirus but, locally speaking, folks were reeling from the March tornado. As such, you might have missed the release of the Louis Prince full-length album, Thirteen as it rolled out on March 10th, 2020.

Fortunately, the promotion of the album has continued along in the interim and Prince has just released the official video for the semi-title track, “The Number Thirteen.” Created by animator Joel Plosz the piece is a delightful dose of chaos told through an adorable band of animals done in a dithered vintage style. You may not be quite old enough to have participated in the heyday of computer graphics done in this style but anyone’s that ever stared at a chart of Susan Kare icons or even just enjoyed a blast of Google Chrome’s Dino Runner will appreciate the style.

While the visual appeal of the entire 4:17 piece is undeniable, the song itself should not be overlooked. Lazy journalistic tendencies push me to compare it, favorably, to Luke Temple or Here We Go Magic but more eloquently put; it’s a unique combination of softly pattering drums, gorgeous falsetto and subtle flourishes of shimmering guitar. There is very little music being made in Nashville that comes close to this style and perfect execution.

If somehow the draw of the video and song weren’t enough, the whole thing is being presented in collaboration with Weak Coffee on Gallatin Rd as it’s own special coffee blend featuring Plosz’s art. It’s a Win, Win, Win situation with this one. Don’t miss it.