Harpooner – Live at Josh’s House

Cold Lunch Recordings is continuing to regularly publish their series of performance videos aptly entitled Live at Josh’s House (though, truth be told, this one was filmed Live at Scott’s House, not that it matters). If you didn’t see the debut Heaven Honey set, mark that one to watch later. Right now, dive into the latest release featuring Harpooner.

The 16-minute set features main-man Scott Schmadeke behind a piano and surrounded by a perfectly-absurd-but-oddly-appropriate number of candles as he performs stripped down renditions of various tracks from his forthcoming Cold Lunch release, In Two Minds.* These versions of the songs are particularly compelling because Harpooner is, generally speaking, a layered pop extravaganza – so it’s refreshing to hear Schmadeke’s voice front and center with such delicate accompaniment.

While we’re only two episodes into the Cold Lunch series, it’s becoming quite evident that the artists chosen aren’t afraid to bare a bit of themselves on camera. Over the course of a quarter hour, Harpooner lays himself out with a bare vulnerability that is rarely seen but always appreciated.

Be sure to follow the series on Youtube and treat yourself with a deep dive into the Harpooner back catalog.

In Two Minds is set for release via Cold Lunch in the future but it’s also available exclusively on Bandcamp right now for a limited time. So, if you want it, you can get it if you act fast.

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