Rainsticks – “Moss Curtain” (Official Video)

Asher Horton has always been a quietly busy individual. He’s released music as part of Fox Fun, as a member of Sun Seeker, under his own name, under side-project pseudonym Hot Car and two excellent albums under the name Rainsticks. The latest of which, October Onwards, propelled the project into new atmospheres of pop enjoyment and included guest performers Rodrigo Avendano, Austin Hoke, Spencer Cullum and Scott Schmadeke.

“Moss Curtain” comes early in the album tracklist and Horton tells us of the lyrics:

“…the song was written in my usual mode for Rainsticks songs which I’d consider a composite of scenes from my daily life (breakfast next to Circle K / awkward house show, bad PA) and more abstract, stream of consciousness imagery intended to invoke a particular mood.”

And strike a mood it does! The laid back 12-string jangle of the song fits perfectly with Horton’s light and poignant vocals. Visually, the official video depicts the full Rainsticks band (for the very first time!), performing in a woodland set and running around performing various antics. In summary, it’s delightful.

October Onwards is available on Bandcamp and streaming services. Follow @rainsticks4kicks on Instagram to keep up with all the latest Horton projects.

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