Styrofoam Winos – “Stuck in a Museum”

Styrofoam Winos are a three piece outfit comprised of Joe Kenkel, Trevor Nikrant, and Lou Turner; all multi-instrumentalists in their own right and often with their own back catalog of solo material. Together they have been touted as an experimental and improvisational group, reading each other as they compose on the fly. They recently announced their debut, self-titled, full-length album and the first single, “Stuck in a Museum”, flies in the face of expectations.

The album itself isn’t due until February 12th, 2021 via Sophomore Lounge records but this initial single hints at a record that takes a much different tact than you’d assume would come from an experimental improve trio. It’s rapid fire tempo combined with amusingly absurdist lyrics make for an incredibly infectious pop song. The song itself may have been born from an improve session but this is a far cry from anything we’ve heard from them before. It’s an incredibly tight track that shows no wear after multiple listens.

One song is not enough to make full judgment on an album but Styrofoam Winos are coming out swinging with one helluva of first single, all but guaranteeing the full-length will contain countless surprises. Order your copy of the record over here and tune in to the band on Instagram for updates.