Klypi – “Not For You” (Official Video) [Premiere]

EPILEPSY WARNING: segments of flashing lights

Not For You” is, at its core, a triumphant declaration of independence. It’s also the latest single and brand new video from Klypi, a conceptual pop artist that previously performed as Lambda Celsius, or Λ°. After a stint in Athens, Klypi is returning to the Nashville area with a new full-length album entitled Consensual Hits (due out Friday, March 19th on Pop Nihil) and a whole new bag of tricks.

The song is a masterful execution of embracing dualities. It’s pop but it’s industrial. It’s chaotic but it’s catchy. It’s a love song but it’s not about someone else. The video captures this sensibility perfectly by layering multiple instances of Klypi over top of one another, often with fast flashing edits and a color palette that is both bubblegum and Classic Goth simultaneously.

There is much more to be said about the artistic endeavors of Klypi that can’t be wrapped up with a single video premiere. The artist is exploring expression from all angles; music, fashion and their general online presence. This doesn’t detract from the message of the song but, rather, begs for further inspection. Yes, it’s a wildly fun video and song that should instantly hit your Current Rotation playlist but it’s also part of a larger world building undertaking with Klypi as our protaganist.

That may sound obtuse but keep an eye on Klypi over on Instagram and check out their set at the Circuit Bender’s Ball on March 12/13 to get a glimpse at a performance artist that is fully invested. It’s a helluva thing to be a part of.

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