$avvy – Boys Wear Pearls

A confrontation at a thrift store inspired the 2020 $avvy single “Bag/Purse” and its accompanying phenomenal video. It also exemplifies $avvy’s approach to hip-hop; unafraid and not putting up any fronts.

With Boys Wear Pearls, $avvy continues that undaunted approach by showcasing eight tracks that blend a range of influences and beat styles that prop up the vocals perfectly. The cadence is laid back, at times almost blissfully drugged out, but consistently setting an undeniable groove. $avvy’s delivery always comes across with a sly smile – you can’t see it but you can certainly feel it.

On the releases most in-your-face track “Shameless” he is joined by Chuck Indigo and you immediately get the sense that there’s an honest enjoyment to the performances. It’s legitimately fun to hear. “Down to Earth” blends some R&B crooning with verses that feel directly inspired by Digital Underground (in the most favorable way). Album closer “Zack & Cody” is delivered through a cloud of vocal hums resulting in a transcendent soundscape, floating the listener away.

It’s difficult to sum up the $avvy experience because it’s uniquely $avvy. The vocal cadence, the musical choices, the lyrical content and the subtle sexiness of it all couldn’t be pulled off by anyone but $avvy. Don’t sleep on this one or whatever comes next from $avvy, it’s bound to be compelling.