BeHoward – “Morning Coffee” (Official Video)

Back in October, BeHoward dropped a single for “Morning Coffee” featuring They Need Weez. The official video for the track recently hit YouTube and it’s an excellent reminder of the message to the song. As Howard notes on Instagram:

In an era when rapping about shooting, killing, and disrespecting the dead are ingredients to make you a successful artist. People have forgotten to celebrate LIFE. It actually “feels so good to wake up today”. Because somebody didn’t wake up.

As one would expect, the video features plenty of actual coffee but it’s primarily centered around family life and embracing the enjoyment of actually being alive. The coda to the video takes a dark turn, featuring Howard being carjacked at a playground before waking up from the all-too-real nightmare. It’s legitimately hard to watch guns being loaded in a video so filled with optimism but that’s exactly the point being made; we are all fortunate and many have experienced such enormous tragedies.

Give the video a viewing, go follow @BeHoward615 on Instagram and remember to delight in being alive.

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