Trash Man – “Stronger Than I Thought”

Alex Mojaverian is likely best known as the drummer for Sad Baxter, where he is often seen powering through big swelling moments of catharsis and providing backing vocals to Deezy Violet’s perfect growls. However, he’s also been slowly crafting a project of his own called Trash Man. The latest single, “Stronger Than I Thought,” builds on the groundwork laid by the previous two tracks with a hefty Venn diagram between the optimistic and the melancholy.

It’s tough to say too much about an artist that has released three total tracks but even with such limited offerings, there’s clearly a vision at work here. The prior singles, “Please Don’t Murder Me” and “Never Be Good Enough“, are short but they waste no time in paying homage to classic Weezer-esque harmonies and laying out introspective lyrics about self-doubt. “Stronger Than I Thought” continues down that same lyrical path with feelings of putting up a strong front, even when you’re not feeling it. A sentiment 2020 likely taught all of us.

It’s hard to pinpoint but there’s a fog of depression that runs through these songs. Even the name “Trash Man” seems to be a self-inflicted wound; a remark on low self-esteem and setting expectations low. However, in each track we’ve heard so far, there’s a clearing of that fog. A warmth that burns it away and envelopes you in an optimism. That’s an esoteric summary if ever there was one but Trash Man is expressing an honesty and a triumph of will that oozes out in these songs. I empathize and look forward to more.

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