Wilby – “Mush” (Official Video)

There are exactly two songs released by Wilby at this moment in time. The previously released, “Bad,” hit our regular rotation the moment we heard it and from the sounds of the latest release, “Mush,” history is about to repeat itself.

The allure of the first single was the melancholy lament of yearning to feel good wrapped in just the right amount of upbeat jangle. With “Mush” a similar refrain reveals itself lyrically as the narrator attempts to hide their feelings of affection, all behind a self-doubting veneer and more refreshing jangle.

There’s not much information about future singles but over on Instagram there’s a bit of insight that “Mush” was written with Thad Cockrell, produced by Thad Kopec and worked on by Zach Bodman, Ross Collier and Lisa Carrott. That’s a good group that bodes well for there being more music lying ahead. We’ve got our fingers crossed for an album or an EP. We’d also settle for a maxi-single. Long story short, we’re on board with Wilby.

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