Flesh Eater – “extinguisher” [Premiere]

Back in October of 2019, Flesh Eater released an exclusive pair of singles for Cassette Store Day, later unveiling them to streaming services. Now, almost a year later from that (and a lifetime of events between), we are happy to premiere the official video for “extinguisher.” It may have started on cassette but now it’s found new life for all to enjoy, even for those of you without a tape deck.

The band, comprised of Adam Reid, Blake Patterson and Maxwell Zikakis, have created a playfully mysterious track; a bouncing bass line swirled into a sea of dark keyboards, all of which are led by gently falsetto vocals delivered with a hint of intrigue. Fans of Dirty Projectors Bitte Orca era will feel at home here.

The official video adds another layer of intrigue with our protagonist stumbling through the woods, falling near a batch of mushrooms, possibly being attacked by a dark stranger and awakening in a cave. There’s a narrative in there but Flesh Eater only hints at the specifics; you’re left to fill in the gaps and it’s that omission that makes it so re-playable. Did they really have a dark passenger? Are the mushrooms relevant? Is the camera an active participant in this tale or only a viewfinder into this trouble journey? There’s no way to know but the answers aren’t as important as the journey of asking the questions.

Flesh Eater have been quiet for most of quarantine but this new video serves as a fresh introduction to the band for those who may have forgotten them during their dormancy. Much like the video, they’re emerging from some dark times with something new and positive to offer for it. We’re looking forward to more.

Pick up the original cassette from Banana Tapes, stream the tracks on Spotify or anywhere else you get your music and follow the band on Instagram.