B. Stokes – “My N*g” (Official Video)

The latest single and video from B. Stokes features Da Real A1yo providing a supporting verse, loads of flashing lights and just the right amount of mind warping green screen as the partying cast dances with each other, and themselves, in all directions. It’s a simple concept but it’s got production values in spades.

The combination of B. Stokes and Da Real A1yo is a spot-on pairing. The track itself is fast paced but Stokes keeps it grounded as the energy increases, making just the right pocket for Da Real A1yo to deliver his speedy insights as the track concludes. It’s over in less than three minutes total but that brevity mixed with the bravado of the song – not unwarranted pride but earned triumph over expectations – makes for a fantastic re-listenability.

Nashville hip-hop has been getting some much deserved recognition as of late. From the Tenn Toes Down compilation to the NPR Feature but the music video contributions coming from the genre are often overlooked. The track stands on its own in terms of enjoyability but the video amps it up at least three levels. Enjoy both.