Eve Maret – Stars Aligned

Back in 2017, Eve Maret released “No More Running,” a dark synth-y exploration soaked on vocoder and eventually backed by an EP of the same name that broadened the palette into hypnotizing dance-able territory. With the release of Stars Aligned, Maret has expanded that palette once again into something brighter, more optimistic and every bit as transfixing.

Tracks like “Satisfaction”, “Synthesizer Hearts”, “Do My Thing” and the titular “Stars Aligned” are absolutely brimming with airy synth and programmed beats that evoke intense positivity. The album’s epic opus, “Impressions”, clocks in at nearly 11 minutes and spends a lot of its time as a meditative, ambient, undertaking before unfurling into a soaring guitar escapade that feels akin to the most classic moments of Pink Floyd (delivered by Nashville’s own Sean Thompson). “Bury the Dream” treads in familiar darker territory with a twinge of glitch and album closer “Forgotten Ways” is heartbreakingly lonesome.

In the press release for Stars Aligned, Maret says “My personal experience of grief, love, disappointment, joy, and heartbreak made this album what it is.” A start to finish listen to the record certainly has its up and downs; truly a reflection of the human experience as Maret notes. While previous works were also, likely, reflections of these experiences, Stars Aligned showcases an artist that has honed and refined their ability to express those emotions more clearly while embracing new instrumentation and styles.

The expectations for Stars Aligned was high and Maret did not deliver an ounce of disappointment. A stellar record all around and absolutely an artist to stay mindful of. You can pick up a vinyl copy of the record on Bandcamp or stream it everywhere.